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The Echo Screen is a multi-functional panel, which can act as a privacy screen, room divider, or sunscreen. It is constructed from one 48″x96″ sheet of bamboo plywood, creating no waste from the fabrication. The screen’s form is derived from fourteen rotating slats that provide varying amounts of shading and privacy for the user. when the slats are flat, or closed, they produce an intriguing two-dimensional graphic plane that highlights the cutting pattern of the piece. When the slats are rotated, the Echo Screen transforms into a dynamic sculpture which invites users to interact with it from both sides.

Material: Carbonized bamboo plywood
Dimensions: 48″W x 96″H x 24″D
Awards and Recognition:
Selected 4th Modern + Design + Function Furniture Competition, Design Within Reach, Chicago, USA, April 2009
First Prize 2009 Design Excellence Awards, American Society of Interior Designers – IL Chapter, Category: Product Design – Furnishings

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